Henoko Protest Vol.02 Mr.Yamashiro Hiroji? The peacemakers of Okinawa

What a disgrace. I hope y’all don’t judge
Japanese people just because of these stupid
motherfuckers. Shoot them all…

Rin Melody
Rin Melody
+TechMechMen As a Japanese person, I hope so
too… The protesters are either Chinese,
Koreans or commie sympathizers

On behalf of Japan, I apologize to the U.S.
(in particular the U.S. military) for the
ungrateful protest.

Rin Melody
I also have the same comment in Vol.01, but
evidence that Chinese and Koreans are involved
in the Okinawa U.S. base protest is as below.

They are The People’s Republic of China
and Korean monkeys, fake Japanese. It is the
propaganda of the communist. Go for it USA!!

Taka Masa
They are Korean, Chinese and brainwashed
Japanese by communist China. They get some
wages from them. There is no local people
because almost people are for the base.

damals zurück
USMC need to kill them.

They are fuckin communists.
Japan has many old activists like their.
It`s aberrant behavior.

The Walking Dead season6

takayasu mason
keep recording video please. every oki&jp people will know this madness soon.


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